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  • AnarchAwaken stage speakers announced

    Dr. Matthew Buckley, Del Bigtree and Dr. G-Spot to name a few. Anarchapulco is excited to announce the line up speakers for the AnarchAwaken Stage featuring globally recognized speakers specializinThe post AnarchAwaken stage speakers announced appeared first on AMBCrypto.

    19 Nov 2019 | 10:00 AM

  • Ripple (XRP) Price Trend Overwhelmingly Negative, Bitcoin Diving

    Ripple price is declining and trading below the $0.2560 pivot level against the US dollar. Bitcoin is down more than 3% today and Ethereum broke a major support near $178. There is a new connecting bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.2530 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken)....The post Ripple (XRP) Price Trend Ove...

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:58 AM

  • For First Time Ever, Bitcoin Set to go Into 2020 Halving in Bearish Action

    As bitcoin prices slide even further this week analysts have been looking at the bigger picture which is growing increasingly bearish. Previous approaches to BTC halving have been bullish but the opposite appears to be developing this time around, at least according to one analyst. BTC Slides Further Bitcoin is in danger of falling back...The post For First...

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:30 AM

  • Longhash contests Bitcoin market manipulation theory

    Blockchain education start-up Longhash has released a report that takes a stand against the 2017 Bitcoin market manipulation theory and claims that the Bitcoin bull run of 2017 could not be the result of a single whale. John M Griffin and Amin Shams revealed earlier this month that the dramatic Bitcoin price movements in 2017 were, in fact, caused by the inf...

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:10 AM

  • Bitcoin [BTC] Breaks down Below $8200 – Are Miners Causing the Bear Move?

    Bitcoin [BTC] price slides over $300 on Monday to test $8000 as support. The price of BTC at 2: 30 hours UTC on 19th November [...]The post Bitcoin [BTC] Breaks down Below $8200 – Are Miners Causing the Bear Move? appeared first on Coingape.

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:05 AM

  • Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Discusses His Plan for Cryptocurrencies

    Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has detailed his plans to regulate the digital economy if he were to become the President of the United States. Yang’s recent blog post called “Regulating technology firms in the 21st century,” explains how the candidate believes current American legislators are out of touch with innovative technologies. A...

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:00 AM

  • Cryptocurrency Takes a Step Towards Legal Certainty in the United Kingdom

    A legal statement by the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce pushed cryptocurrency another step forward towards legal certainty in the UK. Once dismissed by national governments and traditional financial institutions, cryptocurrencies are slowly forcing their way into mainstream adoption. Many businesses are now developing projects based upon blockchain, the innovativ...

    19 Nov 2019 | 9:00 AM

  • Iran’s Internet Shutdown Emphasizes Need for Decentralized Mesh Networks

    Iran’s government shutdown internet access across the country in response to widespread protests. Iranians have taken to mesh networks to regain some access, emphasizing the need for a more decentralized alternative to the internet. Protests broke out across major cities in Iran after the country’s government began raising the prices for gasoline. Althou...

    19 Nov 2019 | 8:52 AM

  • Electroneum Price Prediction 2020, 2019, 2018

    Article Index 1. Introduction 2. What is Electroneum (ETN)? 3. Electroneum Price Prediction by market 4. Coinnounce’s Electroneum Price Prediction Electroneum Price Prediction 2020 Electroneum Price Prediction 2019 Electroneum Price Prediction 2018 5. Conclusion   Introduction Bitcoin launched in 2009, and after it, success, over 2000 cryptocurrencies...

    19 Nov 2019 | 8:47 AM

  • Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Key Support, Trend Turns Super Bearish

    Ethereum price is declining below the key $180 support against the US Dollar. Bitcoin price is down more than 2% and it also broke the $8,200 support area. Yesterday’s bearish trend lines are intact with resistance near $185 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The price is currently flirting with the...The post Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Key...

    19 Nov 2019 | 8:38 AM

  • Bitcoin taps parabolic trendline; is an explosive movement imminent?

    Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market incurred a steep and widespread sell-off today that came about after a brief consolidatory period. BTC has been able to recover slightly from its intraday lows, although it still appears to be in a precarious territory. The cryptocurrency is now nearing its parabolic trendline, which has historically catalyzed explosi...

    19 Nov 2019 | 8:24 AM

  • Tassat and Blockfills Launch Trade at Settlement Product for Bitcoin

    A new institutional Trade at Settlement product for spot Bitcoin (XBT/USD) is being launched to help crypto traders better hedge their risk

    19 Nov 2019 | 8:24 AM

  • Blockchain speculation in China on the rise

    Chinese media has warned that several local companies have been suspected of blockchain speculation following President Xi Jinping’s blockchain push exerted last month. Last month, Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared that blockchain technology is a crucial breakthrough and that China would seize every opportunity it gets to support research, development, an...

    19 Nov 2019 | 7:42 AM

  • Paraguay planning major cryptocurrency legislation overhaul

    One of the worlds leading crypto law firms, Gresham International, announced this week that it submitted a proposal to begin working with the government of Paraguay on a raft of new cryptocurrency legislation. In an exclusive provided to CryptoSlate, Gresham International Managing Associate Cal Evans said the proposal was made after the government had reques...

    19 Nov 2019 | 7:25 AM

  • Longhash Blockchain Researchers Dispute 2017 ‘Single Whale’ Theory

    Research from blockchain education platform Longhash disputes the recent single-whale theory of the 2017 Bitcoin bull run

    19 Nov 2019 | 7:24 AM

  • Ethereum price drops down to $177: What to expect?

    Ethereum price has seen another crash in the last 24 hours and this is not an easy time since the year is coming to an end Bitcoin price is also volatile and there is no certainty as to what would happen next. Ethereum network did not witness any drastic increase in ETH price following similar drops in 2019 and currently, its price is $177. Ethereum price ch...

    19 Nov 2019 | 7:21 AM

  • US ICO Scammer Sentenced to 18 Months In Jail

    The first person convicted for a fraudulent ICO in U.S. criminal court has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars

    19 Nov 2019 | 7:00 AM

  • The Best Way to Trade Crypto and Forex

    For decades, active traders who were looking to translate massive volatility into substantial profits firmly positioned themselves within the forex markets due to the liquidity and volatility of fiat currencies. Over the past decade, however, the emergence and growth of digital currencies like Bitcoin has led to an exodus of traders away from the forex [R...

    19 Nov 2019 | 6:42 AM

  • Blockchain in China slows down, is it for better in 2020?

    Blockchain in China is in a slow-motion right now, while Chinese love for the blockchain and cryptocurrency has seen a hard fall since president Xi Jinping’s speech expressing his support for the blockchain technology on October 28th. It is reported that the Bitcoin fell from $10,800 to $8,500 is likely to fall further, and in the current situation, bl...

    19 Nov 2019 | 6:23 AM

  • US to Strictly Enforce Crypto Rules Similar to FATF Guidelines

    The U.S. government will strictly enforce the rules on cryptocurrencies similar to the standards recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has reaffirmed that its “Travel” rule applies to cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has flagged stablecoin as a potential risk to the U.S. fi...

    19 Nov 2019 | 6:00 AM

  • Bitcoin Could Soon Fill CME Gap at $7,100 After Deep Cutting Sell Off

    After a brief period of consolidation within the mid-$8,000 region, Bitcoin’s bears have once again prevailed over bears, sending the crypto reeling as low as $8,000 before it found some support that helped its price climb back towards $8,300. This sell-off has opened the gates for significantly further losses for the embattled cryptocurrency, and analysts...

    19 Nov 2019 | 5:48 AM

  • US SEC Takes Another Look at Rejected Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Proposal

    The U.S. SEC is reviewing its decision to reject Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF proposal

    19 Nov 2019 | 5:31 AM

  • EOS Price: falls 6.29 percent

    EOS Price depicted negligible variations in the price line’s movements for the majority of this 24-hour price analysis, after which the cryptocurrency saw a bearish decline. Price Chart by TradingView The trading pairing started the day at 3.3768 US dollars, after which it sketched between the $3.3500 to $3.400 price levels for the majority of the cryp...

    19 Nov 2019 | 5:17 AM

  • U.S. Gov’t Extradites Alleged Fraudster for Selling Fake Securities for $11 M in BTC

    U.S. extradites man for selling investors shares in gold company that had no gold in exchange for over $11 million in Bitcoin and other cryptos

    19 Nov 2019 | 5:15 AM

  • Chinese State Media Says Most ‘Blockchain’ Firms in China Are All Hype, No Code

    China: More than 32,000 Chinese companies claim to use blockchain technology, while the real number is less than 10% of that

    19 Nov 2019 | 5:15 AM

  • Money 2.0 Stuff: Making money making money

    Quick TakeCompound’s latest valuation would be absurd if they did not have a viable path to monetization The PLA tries MMORPG 

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:41 AM

  • Dogecoin Price: stoops by 4.06 percent

    Dogecoin Price line exhibits a pattern of continual ups and downs, stretching below the $0.00260000 price mask closer to the end of the day. Dogecoin / United States Dollar 1-Day Price Analysis: Price Chart by TradingView The cryptocurrency’s price line has shown a similar graph to the preceding 24-hour Dogecoin/U.S Dollar price analysis. As you can se...

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:38 AM

  • Ethereum’s Price Gives the Dai Stablecoin Stability

    Stablecoins have taken over a significant portion of the cryptocurrency landscape. The team behind Dai is looking to shake things up significantly, with a rather unexpected approach. Dai has quickly become a popular stablecoin, primarily due to some investment platforms offering very high interest rates. A new era for the Dai Stablecoin Although this currenc...

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:30 AM

  • Make No Mistake, Crypto is Still Hated by Beijing Despite Bullish Blockchain Pivot

    In late-October, Bitcoin incurred an explosive rally that sent its price from lows of $7,300 to highs of over $10,600. This price rally came just hours after the Chinese President made bullish comments on blockchain technology, which generated optimism that these comments would mark the start of a pivot away from the country’s predatory policies...The post...

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:30 AM

  • The Bolt-A-Thon Sequel to Spark Lightning Innovation

    The second Bolt-A-Thon will take place via livestream in December 2019. Presentations and a hackathon are expected to boost the Lightning Network.The post The Bolt-A-Thon Sequel to Spark Lightning Innovation appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:23 AM

  • Bakkt Bitcoin futures volume is surging. What does it mean?

    Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt set an all-time high of $15 million in a single day earlier this month, but it might be wise to hold off on the celebrations.The post Bakkt Bitcoin futures volume is surging. What does it mean? appeared first on Decrypt.

    19 Nov 2019 | 4:05 AM

  • Crypto Markets Continue to Drop, Bitcoin Briefly Slips Below $8,200

    After another sell-off earlier today, crypto markets have continued to fall, with Bitcoin dropping below the $8,200 price mark

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:50 AM

  • Bitcoin du Liban launches in Lebanon amidst economic pressure

    Bitcoin du Liban launches in Lebanon amidst economic pressure while the country is deemed a sinking ship by a top national representative. The western Asian country Lebanon has been under immense economic pressure, and the speaker of parliament Nabih Berri has reportedly referred the country as a sinking ship. The former Vice Governor of Lebanon’s central...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:48 AM

  • New Ripple-Based Remittance Service Launching – Will Crypto Asset XRP Be Utilized?

    SBI Ripple Asia and SBI Remit, a cross-border funds transfer platform that operates as a subsidiary of the Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, are launching a new payments service between Japan and Vietnam. The new transfer platform will run on RippleNet with the Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank, a Vietnamese financial institution, on board. Accord...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:45 AM

  • IRS investigators scrutinize Bitcoin ATMs and kiosks

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is actively policing crypto ATMs for potential money laundering and tax issues, a top official told Bloomberg last Friday.The post IRS investigators scrutinize Bitcoin ATMs and kiosks appeared first on The Block.

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:39 AM

  • Tron (TRX) falls 9 percent following Justin Sun’s banking fiasco

    Tron (TRX) is down nearly 9 percent over the last 24 hours following news that its founder, Justin Sun, might be losing access to his Bank of America account.The post Tron (TRX) falls 9 percent following Justin Sun’s banking fiasco appeared first on Decrypt.

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:35 AM

  • Udi Wertheimer: TRON Will Soon Overpower Ethereum

    Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer says that TRON is about overtake Ethereum as the number two cryptocurrency by market cap. Tron: Outdoing Ethereum? In a Twitter message, Wertheimer says that while the currency won’t necessarily outdo Ethereum in price, it will soon become a far more popular blockchain for companies or individuals looking to produce decentr...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:30 AM

  • Chinese Media Warns of Companies Fraudulently Claiming Blockchain

    Chinese state media has reported that local companies seem to be claiming to be using blockchain technology to boost their stock prices. Multiple firms have made statements saying that they are exploring blockchain technology. However, only a handful can prove it. The report is reminiscent of previous incidents outside of China. During the culmination of...T...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:30 AM

  • CEO admits having a weird relationship with 'decentralization'

    Blockchain protocol EOS was at the center of controversy in November last year after "evidence" alleging that a moderator had reversed already confirmed transactions surfaced on Reddit. This raised seThe post CEO admits having a weird relationship with 'decentralization' appeared first on AMBCrypto.

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:30 AM

  • Spanish Financial Watchdog Warns Against Unregulated ICO Scheme

    A Spanish financial watchdog has issued a warning against Ethereum-based token dubbed AlyCoin

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:27 AM

  • Venezuela's Petro Has Over 27,000 ‘Affiliated Businesses’, Nicolas Maduro Claims

    Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has recently stated the country’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro, has over 27,00 ‘affiliated businesses’ which could mean the government’s push for its adoption is working.

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:20 AM

  • Crypto market now 'mildly bullish' thanks to China, Bitcoin whales: report

    Whales, China, and regulation are moving the Bitcoin needle, according to crypto prime dealer SFOX.The post Crypto market now 'mildly bullish' thanks to China, Bitcoin whales: report appeared first on Decrypt.

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:15 AM

  • Bitcoin Cash Price: Down by 8.57 percent

    Bitcoin Cash Price slides below the $255 price line, marking an 8.57 percent decrease in the 24-hour journey of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash/United States Dollar 1-Day Price Chart: Price Chart by TradingView The Bitcoin Cash price stayed above and near the 264 US dollar price level. The cryptocurrency hit its daily-high, just below the $270 price line at...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:01 AM

  • Researcher Breaks Mimblewimble, Deanonymizing 96% of Grin Transactions

    The Mimblewimble privacy technology used by cryptocurrencies such as Beam and Grin is broken. That’s the claim of researcher Ivan Bogatyy who has published a report documenting his findings. In it, he reveals how he was able to deanonymize 96% of all Grin transactions just by running a node at a cost of around $60. […]The post Researcher Breaks M...

    19 Nov 2019 | 3:00 AM

  • Hacker Offers $100K in BTC as Bounty for Hacking Halliburton

    Infamous hacker Phineas Fisher offers to pay up to $100,000 in Bitcoin or Monero for leaking damaging data about high-profile firms

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:55 AM

  • Tron transactions hit 800 million; beat Bitcoin, Ethereum

    Tron might have been entered the crypto-world late, but it has managed to make a name for itself lately, especially in the DApp space. On 18 November, Tron Foundation cheerleader, Misha Lederman, annoThe post Tron transactions hit 800 million; beat Bitcoin, Ethereum appeared first on AMBCrypto.

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:30 AM

  • Analysts: Bitcoin to Target Lower-$8,000 Region Before Next Rally Kicks Off

    Bitcoin has once again dropped down to its near-term support level after a brief attempt from BTC’s bulls to push to crypto back above its previously established support level at $8,700, which appears to have flipped into a resistance level in the time since it broke below this level. Analysts are now noting that Bitcoin...The post Analysts: Bitcoin to Tar...

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:30 AM

  • PayPal CFO banned from Bank of America without any explanations

    Paypal CFO has been banned from the Bank of America without any explanation. PayPal CFO banned from Bank of America PayPal’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Roelof Botha took it to Twitter to reveal that he had been banned from the Bank of America. He took a sad tone in the Tweet, saying that he had been a customer for 20 years yet the bank “fired&...

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:16 AM

  • Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Responds to MimbleWimble Privacy Vulnerability

    MimbleWimble, the Harry Potter inspired protocol that Litecoin is integrating to become a privacy coin, is in the spotlight but for all the wrong reasons. Ivan Bogatyy, a venture capitalist with Dragonfly Capital, has published a report drawing attention to a security flaw in MimbleWimble’s privacy model. According to Bogatyy, the “attack traces...

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:16 AM

  • Researcher Breaks Grin’s ‘Privacy’ Spending Just $60 Per Week

    A researcher was able to uncover 96% transactions of Mimblewimble’s privacy-centric coin Grin using $60 per week on AWS

    19 Nov 2019 | 2:09 AM

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